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Watersheds of Change

Resources and Relevant Work

Workshop Participants Relevant Work: 

Relevant Papers and Research:


Getting ahead of climate change for ecological adaptation and resilience - Moore & Schindler 2022 

Climate Change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerabilityIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2022

Watershed-scale climate influences productivity of Chinook salmon populations across southcentral Alaska - Jones et al. 2020

Climate and competition influence sockeye salmon population dynamics across the Northeast Pacific Ocean - Connors 2020


Contribution of atmospheric rivers to annual, seasonal, and extreme precipitation across British Columbia and Southeastern AlaskaSharma 2020

Observed changes in daily precipitation intensity in the United StatesHarp & Horton 2022

Low summer river flows associated with low productivity of Chinook salmon in a watershed with shifting hydrology - Warkentin, Parken, Bailey & Moore 2022

Increasing hydrologic variability threatens depleted anadromous fish populations - Ward, Anderson, Beechie, Pess & Ford 2015

Global-scale hydrological response to future glacier mass lossHuss & Hock 2018

River networks dampen long-term hydrological signals of climate change - Chezik, Anderson, & Moore 2022


Premature mortality observations among Alaska's Pacific Salmon during record heat and drought in 2019 - von Biela et al. 


Differences in thermal tolerance among sockeye salmon populations - Eliason et al. 2011

Time to evolve? Potential evolutionary responses of Fraser River sockeye salmon to climate change and effects on persistence - Reed et al. 2011


Projected deglaciation of western Canada in the twenty-first century - Clarke, Jarosch, Anslow, Radic & Menounos 2015

Toward mountains without permanent snow and ice - Huss et al 2017

Global glacier change in the 21st century: Every increase in temperature matters - Rounce et. al 2023

Glacier retreat and Pacific Salmon - Pitman 2020

The role of large, glaciated tributaries in cooling an important Pacific salmon migration corridor: a study of the Babine RiverPitman & Moore 2021


Risks of mining to salmonid-bearing watershedsSergeant et al. 2022

Forestry influences on juvenile coho salmon rearing habitat in the North Thompson River watershedCunningham, Braun, Moore & Martens (in press)

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