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Jonathan Moore

Liber Ero Chair of Coastal Science and Management
Tash Prokop
Lab Manager

Research interests: marine and estuarine ecology, fisheries management
Karl seitz
Research Associate

Project Description: Managing the Koeye Salmon Ecosystem Study, Central Coast BC.
Mikayla More O'Ferrall
Research Assistant / Assistant Lab Manager

Research interests: Species at risk, age determination of fish
Kyle Wilson
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Understanding the cross-scale social and ecological processes influencing fishery resilience
Sean Naman
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research interests: Linking physical habitat structure to ecological processes at multiple spatial and organizational scales
Sam Wilson
PhD Candidate (Biology)

Research Project: What makes a climate change winner?
Kara Pitman
PhD Candidate (Biology)

Project Description: Investigation of the interconnectivity of Pacific salmon, climate and vegetation
Colin Bailey
PhD Student (Biology)

Project Description: Quantifying and describing an energy transfer from pink salmon to steelhead
Steven Brownlee
PhD Student (Biology)

Project Description: Exploring the potential establishment, spread and impacts of dreissenid mussels in BC
Julie Charbonneau
PhD Candidate (Biology)

Project Description: Life history shifts in an era of global change
Luke Warkentin
MSc Student (Biology)

Project Description: What determines river temperature in a changing watershed?
Anna Potapova
MSc Student (Biology)

Project Description: Climate change-induced phenological shifts in migratory sockeye salmon
Alexandra Sawyer
MSc Student (Biology)

Project Description: How do estuarine landscapes shape life history diversity and resilience in coho salmon populations?
Daniella LoScerbo
MSc Student (REM)

Project Description: Carry-over effects in the estuary ecology of juvenile sockeye salmon
Nikki Kroetsch
MSc Student (REM)

Project Description: Identify social, technical, and communicative barriers that prevent successful collaborations between community groups and resource management agencies by means of a stream-monitoring case study
Dylan Cunningham
MSc Candidate (REM)

Project Description: Does terrestrial land use affect salmon habitat in small streams in the North Thompson watershed?
Julian Gan
MSc Student (Biology)

Project Description: How will sea-level rise impact the capacity of estuaries to provide habitat for juvenile salmon?
Kate McGivney
MSc Student (Biology)

Project Description: How do shifts in diversity in central coast sockeye populations link to changes in productivity?
Sara Tremblay-Boyer
MSc Student (REM)

Project Description: Scientific foundations for the re-emergence of sustainable terminal salmon fisheries.
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