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Stream Ecology (BIO473)


This course will examine life in running waters. Rivers integrate upstream habitats and then propagate these patterns downstream. We will examine the physical and chemical dynamics of rivers, the adaptations of different organisms to this setting, and the dynamics of streams food webs, communities, and ecosystems. Across these topics, this class will seek to link general theory to specific examples or case studies. In addition, the course will examine application of stream ecology to conservation and management challenges and opportunities.

Ecology & Conservation of Coastal BC (REM475)


This course will examine the ecosystems and environmental challenges of coastal BC as well as general concepts and topics in conservation ecology. This course will be organized by tracking the fate of a molecule of water that falls in the coastal mountains and makes its way across the range of ecosystems from mountains to freshwater through to the ocean. This approach will be used for driving the framework and organization of the course, and it will also highlight the interconnected nature of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. Across these ecosystems, we will examine: 1. Natural history: What are the major flora and fauna? What controls community and ecosystem dynamics? 2. Conservation challenges: What are major threats and challenges? 3. Scientific insights and techniques: What are relevant ecological principles and methods? How can science guide management and conservation?

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