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Natasha (Tash) Prokop

Tash 3.jpg

How do we create emotional connections between people and salmon?


How can we shape people’s everyday choices to better support BC salmonids?


How can we connect conservationists and managers to research that informs their efforts?


These are the questions that brought me to the Salmon Watersheds Lab. They are the questions that drive me as a researcher, conservationist and science communicator.

I hail from the great southern land of Australia and while I’ve travelled extensively to work and volunteer on aquatic conservation projects around the world, this is my first foray into the world of salmon conservation. I’m fascinated by the inherent regulatory, biological and socio-economic complexity of protecting salmon.


I manage the day-to-day operation of the Salmon Watersheds Lab, so that our researchers can better understand this complexity. Myself, I’m eager to apply my background in science communication to advancing public understanding of the threats facing salmon and the ways in which everyday people can protect them.

If you have a passion for education and communication and a desire to help BC’s threatened salmon populations, please get in touch: adminjwm [at]

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