Kirsten Bradford

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Social and ecological understandings of cumulative effects to salmon in British Columbia Watersheds.

With a background in marine and freshwater biology, and a passion for social science, I am broadly interested in understanding how pairing biological and social science research can inform sustainable and equitable outcomes for ecosystems and communities. I am motivated by research that focuses on social-ecological resilience of aquatic systems and is grounded in a collaborative, community-led framework. Having previously worked as a Research Assistant with the Salmon Watersheds Lab, I was involved in various projects, such as reviewing anthropogenic impacts to juvenile salmon in estuaries. Other social-ecological projects I have been involved in outside of the lab include mapping female fisheries collectives in Tanzania and conducting research to identify barriers faced by women in the Tanzanian fisheries sector.

My Masters project will focus on impacts from cumulative effects on salmon in British Columbia’s watersheds, from both a social and biological perspective. As anthropogenic pressures and the pace of oncoming climate change increase, it is critical to understand how cumulative effects impact Pacific salmon populations and what value these species hold ecologically, socially, and culturally.

Feel free to reach out to me at bradford [at] or on twitter at @kirstbradford