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Emma Griggs

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As not only a keystone species, but also a culturally iconic one, I believe that salmon are one of our most powerful conservation tools in BC. Bridging freshwater, ocean, and terrestrial environments, and spanning multiple jurisdictions, salmon watersheds present an incredible opportunity and potential for fostering meaningful change in the place I call home. I manage the day-to-day operations of the Salmon Watersheds Lab to support our team and our mission to do just that.

I grew up in False Creek, Vancouver, as a daughter of European immigrants who couldn’t resist the call of B.C.’s mountains. Following my love of the outdoors, I pursued studies in Australia and Namibia, trekked through the Himalayas, and completed a BSc in Natural Resource Conservation at UBC while also working for 4 years at UBC Recreation Intramurals as a Director. Since then, I have been working with parks and protected areas and how they can be best used as a conservation tool, managing several diverse conservation programs—which have led me to my position here at the Salmon Watersheds Lab. I’m fascinated by the challenges and potential of multi-party collaboration, have a particular passion for B.C.’s wild spaces, and can be found on many weekends in muddy hiking boots.

Have general questions about the Lab, or hoping to get involved with our work? Get in touch: adminjwm [at]

Learn more about me via my LinkedIn profile.

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