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Dan Scurfield

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My main interests are the study and conservation of coastal and inland fish of Canada, particularly migratory species. Working with potamodromous Bull Trout I have developed an attraction to understanding how habitat availability at critical life-stages drives population dynamics. Especially in a landscape of increasing anthropogenic disturbances including climate change. I graduated with a BSc from the University of Northern British Columbia in the spring of 2021.

My role in the lab is to assist graduate students with their research projects and aid the Lab manager in accomplishing various administrative tasks. Including data management, logistics planning and reporting on lab activities. A large focus of my position will be to identify salmon from the Koeye River (Central Coast of BC) weir video footage to train a computer-vision modeling initiative that seeks to automate adult salmon enumeration. Supporting the Heiltsuk Nation to implement adaptive, in-season management strategies as part of a larger collaboration from the Heiltsuk Nation, the Hakai Institute, and the Wild Salmon Center. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me at daniel_scurfield [at]

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