Applied Aquatic Ecology - Example Papers

Seifert, R.E. & J.W. Moore. 2017. Floodgate Operations and Fish Communities in Tidal Creeks of the Lower Fraser River (British Columbia, Canada). Estuaries and Coasts. (PDF)

Osterback, A.-M. K., D.M. Frechette, S.A. Hayes, S.A. Shaffer, and J.W. Moore. 2015. Long-term shifts in anthropogenic subsidies to gulls and implications for an imperiled fish. Biological Conservation 191: 606-613. (PDF)


Gordon, J., M. Arbeider, D. Scott, S.M. Wilson, and J.W. Moore. 2015. When the tides don't turn: floodgates and hypoxic zones in the Lower Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada. Estuaries and Coasts, 1-8. (PDF)  


Favaro, C.,  J.W. Moore, J.D. Reynolds, and M.P. Beakes. 2014. Potential loss and rehabilitation of stream longitudinal connectivity: fish populations in urban streams with culverts . Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 17: 1805-1816. (PDF)


Moore, K.D., and J.W. Moore. 2013. Ecological restoration and enabling behavior: a new metaphoric lens? Conservation Letters 6:1-5 (PDF)


Moore, J.W., D.B. Herbst, W.N. Heady, and S.M. Carlson. 2012. Stream community and ecosystem responses to the boom and bust of an invading snail. Biological Invasions 14: 2435-2446. (PDF)


Twardochleb, L.A., M. Novak, and J.W. Moore. 2012. Using the functional response of a consumer to predict biotic resistance to invasive prey. Ecological Applications 22: 1162-1171. (Featured Cover Article -PDF)


Moore, J.W., D.E. Schindler, M.D. Scheuerell, J. Frodge, and D. Smith. 2003. Lake eutrophication at the urban fringe: the Seattle region. Ambio 32: 13-18. (PDF)



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